Jen Jayden

Singer. Songwriter. Entertainer.


Voice lessons

  • Shedding inhibitions and tapping into your most honest performances
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Connecting head and chest registers
  • Extending the vocal range
  • Developing precision in each of the registers
  • Discovering your own sound
  • Find the perfect songs to suit your voice

The very first lesson will include a short vocal warm up that can be done daily and will immediately locate strengths and weaknesses to make quicker breakthroughs.  Each lesson will be recorded and will be available to download as an mp3.  Your progress and success will require practice.  


Every students needs are unique and will be discussed prior to the first lesson.  Jen has worked with students of all ages and abilities and has experience guiding students in the following areas:  

  1. First time students
  2. Preparation for auditions (high school shows, college admission, reality tv, professional work)
  3. Experienced singers looking to hone in on a specialized sound required for a particular genre or style of music (i.e.- You've trained as a classical singer and you are wanting to transition into the world of pop, or perhaps your voice is rooted in music theatre and you'd like to tap into a rock sound.)
  4. Students with stage fright
  5. Building a repertoire


Songwriting Lessons

  • Common structures
  • How to begin writing
  • Identifying, creating and manipulating hooks
  • Editing a song 
  • Exploring the difference between commercial writing and personal enjoyment
  • Combining the 2 elements above without sacrificing too much