Jen Jayden

Singer. Songwriter. Entertainer.

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"I've seen and heard a lot of singers and musicians in my time, Jen Jayden seriously has one of the best voices I've heard."  -  David (Australia) Royal Caribbean 2015


"Not your typical headliner show.  By the end of the hour we felt like Jen was a personal friend of ours...and the music just hit home.  We LOVED it!!!"  -  Cathy & Bob  (USA)  Royal Caribbean 2016


"Warm, engaging and genuinely entertaining, Jen's show is one you'll want to see again and again."  -  Judianne  (Australia) Royal Caribbean 2015


"It is with the greatest pleasure that I can say I thoroughly enjoyed Jen's show.  It's a must see!  Everything about her performance makes you feel good."  - Virginia  (Australia)  Royal Caribbean 2015


"She started with one of our favorite songs and we were hooked.  I didn't look at my watch the entire hour!!"  -   Lizette (Canada)  Royal Caribbean 2016


"We loved everything about her show and then we got to meet her meant the world to our family.  We went home and downloaded every one of her songs."   -   Michelle (USA)  Royal Caribbean 2016