Jen Jayden

Singer. Songwriter. Entertainer.


"Jen was the my first private vocal coach who truly helped me to reach my goals. From vocal technique to delivery and stage presence, Jen helped me develop all areas of my performance.  Plus, she is such an inspiration and an overall amazing person to work with! If you need a vocal teacher who will take you to the next level, I would hands down recommend Jen Jayden!"                                                                   ~ Julianne Manolo


"I met Jen when I first started on my journey towards being a professional singer/songwriter.  Not only was she a wealth of knowledge about the voice and proper vocal technique, but she was an inspiration.  She encouraged me to follow my dreams and showed me how to succeed in the music business.  It was truly my pleasure to work with her."  ~ April Kae  


"Jen is so creative in her approach with vocal lessons.  She was able to help me with the vocal technique as well as with unique phrasings that helped to personalize original and cover songs."                                                                                       ~ Cathy Hammond 


"I had many years of voice training and coaching and already quite a bit of success in the industry, but Jen helped me break through a wall that had always been holding me back a bit.  She helped me find a confidence within myself and worked with me to overcome my stage fright."                                                                                              ~ Natasha 


"I had already been performing on Broadway for several years when I came to Jen because I had worked with her on stage years before.  I knew she might be able to help me with some vocal damage I was dealing with.  Her vocal healing exercises were a lifesaver..."                             ~ (prefers to remain un-named)