Jen Jayden

Singer. Songwriter. Entertainer.

GREENSTONE:  A mineral or rock also known as pounamu, which is considered a prized treasure by the Maori culture.  It is has been used as a symbol of peace and is highly valued because it is a stone that is hard to break down or break apart.

Bio by:  Jen Jayden

"What kind of music do you do?  Who do you sound like?"

It's just human nature to look for sign posts in life.  So with that in mind, in very fine print I'd have to acknowledge the humbling comparisons I get to Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Dusty Springfield, and Grace Potter - all of whom I'm truly grateful to be compared to.  But I think I just sound like me...sometimes whispering, sometimes laughing, sometimes comforting a friend, sometimes baring my soul. Always honest.  

From the age of four the piano was my little safety net I'd play and hide behind...until I was asked to make a choice.  I was torn between going to school for medicine or music.  I recall very clearly the words my parents chose...parents who raised me on Fleetwood Mac, Zeppelin, The Beatles, Otis Redding, The Stones.  They said "Choose what you love.  Everything else is secondary."  I chose the blue pill and was thrown center stage at college earning a music theatre degree. Out of college I was fortunate enough to be hired by Royal Caribbean (followed by Princess) cruise lines to be a headlining vocalist performing to houses of 1000-1500 people.  

 After thousands of shows and many years of non-stop travel, those words "choose what you love" kept ringing louder in my heart.  And while a steady pay check in the entertainment/broadway based world was truly amazing, I knew that what I ultimately had dreamed of doing since I was a little girl, was forming my own band and writing and performing my own music.  My first official effort at that was done with several friends and recorded live in 2006.  That lil indie album was spun on over 200 college radio stations in North America.  I was stunned.  So I kept at it.  In 2007, I relocated to LA and recorded my first produced EP called "Unpredictable”.  My kind and talented friend Jeffery David (writer, manager, and father of the band Echosmith) produced that project, which garnered several song-writing awards, features, and at the time, attracted a variety of major label attention.  I suddenly found myself sitting in the offices of major labels but I wasn't completely satisfied with what I was writing or the reasons why.  I was writing tunes that would "get me signed."  And I was writing about a devastating break up that was hard to re-live every night on stage.  Ultimately the timing of the labels and what they were looking for from me, just didn't feel right.  

What followed was a musical hiatus to evaluate weather I should and could continue to move forward as a I moved to Brooklyn to begin 2010 fresh and to make way for new magic.  In the last days of summer 2011, prompted by friends, I finally began working on music again.  By 2012 I found myself recording the tracks 'Home' and 'Firestorm' at RAD studios in my artsy apartment complex in Bushwick and almost immediately upon their completion the magic started to unfold and I was asked to play a private NYC event for about 300 people.  I quickly recruited Amanda Lo (a violinist who happened to be my neighbor) and with her help we assembled the rest of the amazingly talented band that I'm always honored to have on stage with me.  Over the last years the support we've had has been amazing and the music has truly found it's 'sound.'  A sound that is finally a perfect balance of the music I truly loved and grew up on, the ideas that leak from my pen, and the talent that supports, surrounds and inspires me on stage.  All of the members that have been a part of the band along way, are extremely successful in their own solo endeavors and often out on various music tours around the world. This project has been our outlet to have tons of fun doing what we love and quite simply…just playing rock and roll.  So we relish the rare moments we get to share a stage together and immerse ourselves in the alchemy.  We have quietly released several digital singles, as well as an EP under the moniker “Jen Jayden & The Greenstone.” 

The following musicians/friends have played with or been a part of “Greenstone” at one time or another:

Amanda Lo

Aki Ishiguro

Peter Kronrief

Nick Lenchner

Logan Baldwin

Chris Coombs

Nick Jost

Ryan Vaughn

Damon Dorsey

Tyler Prokop

Carter Bales